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The Marquee The First 30 Years, BBC 1988

-"The Marquee - The First 30 Years" Radio
BBC Radio, UK, 29th October 1988
Produced by Mike Hawkes
On the 29th October 1988 BBC Radio started featuring a 3-part series documentary dedicated to the Marquee club. The other two parts of the show were aired on the 5th and 12th of November 1988. The show was presented by John Walters. The shows and featured the following contributors:

Part 1- 29th October: Paul Jones, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, John Walters, Noddy Holder, Bill Wyman, Pete Townshend, Chris Barber, Alexis Korner, Charlie Watts, Stewart Copeland, Jack Bruce, Long Baldry, Chris Welch, Lemmy, Harold Pendleton, Kenny Jones, Muff Winwood, Tom Mcguinness, Rat Scabies, Chris Dreja, John Gee, Jim Mccarthy, Jack Barrie and Peter Banks.

Part 2- 5th November: Mike Hawkes, Elton John, Phil Collins, John Walters, Chris Wright, Noddy Holder, Pete Townshend, Vivian Stanshall, Long Baldry, Nick Mason, Chas Chandler, Jon Anderson, Roger Waters, Chris Welch, Lemmy, Muff Winwood, John Platt, John Gee, Jack Barrie, Peter Banks, Derek Fearnley.

Part 3- 12th November: Mike Hawkes , Paul Jones, Phil Collins, John Walters, Noddy Holder, Howard Jones, Charlie Watts, Fish, Stewart Copeland, Long Baldry, Nick Mason, Chris Welch, Lemmy, Harold Pendleton, Muff Winwood, Gene Simmons, Rat Scabies, John Platt, John Gee, Jack Barrie, Bush, Peter Banks, Nigel Hutchins, Delilah Pratt.

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