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The Animals - Biography

The Animals

Gigs at the Marquee club:
5 as The Animals
3 as Eric Burdon
Period of performances: 1965/1973
Formed in: Newcastle, UK, 1963
Members who played at the Marquee:
Eric Burdon (vocals)
Hilton Valentine (lead guitar)
Chas Chandler (bass guitar)
John Steel (drums)
Dave Rowberry (keyboards)
Dave Rowberry (piano)
Barry Jenkins (drums)
John Weider (guitar/violin)
Vic Briggs (guitars)
Danny McCulloch (bass guitar)
Aalon Butler (guitar)
Alvin Taylor (drums/percussion)
Randy Rice (bass guitar)

Formed in December 1963 in Newcastle, The Animals was one of the most relevant and influential British rhythm and blues bands from the 60's. The Animals, featuring Eric Burdon (vocals), Hilton Valentine (lead guitar), Bryan "Chas" Chandler (bass guitar), John Steel (drums), and Alan Price (keyboards), was originally called The Alan Price Rhythm and Blues Combo.

Eric Burdon and John Steel had started playing together in 1956 forming the Pagan Jazzmen band and the Pagans. In 1959 pianist Alan Price joined the Pagans to form a new band called the Kansas City Seven. Eric Burdon left the band in 1962 to form the legendary Blues Incorporated, featuring Cyril Davies (harmonica), Alexis Korner (guitar), Jack Bruce (bass) later of Cream, and Charlie Watts (drums) later of the Rolling Stones.

Since the birth of The Animals in 1963 the band suffered numerous line-up changes in the upcoming years. On the 5th of July, 1965, The Animals played at the Marquee club for the first time and broke all the records of attendance. This record would be beaten by the Who four months later. At the time of this show Alan Price had left the band and featured the new member Dave Rowberry on the keyboards. Four months later The Animals played again at the Marquee and the band featured a totally different reincarnation with only Eric Burdon remaining plus the new members Barry Jenkins, John Weider, Vic Briggs and Danny McCulloch. The same line-up without Parker played at the Marquee again in December and recorded the albums "Winds of Change" and "The Twain Shall Meet".

The Animals played their last gig at the Marquee in December 1967. A year later the band, called at the time Eric Burdon & The Animals, disbanded after the end of a Japan tour. Eric Burdon went to join the band War, and during the early 70's he would form different projects under the names of Eric Burdon & Jimmy Witherspoon, Eric Burdon & Uncle Tom, Eric Burdon & Tovarich and the Eric Burdon band.

The Animals

Eric Burdon with Manfred Mann at the Marquee

They later performed at the Marquee three nights in a row in August 1973 and included Aalon Butler (guitar), Alvin Taylor (drums/percussion) and Randy Rice (bass guitar) and was supported by Jimmy Witherspoon, who also appeared with the band for some gigs in Germany during their European tour.

Eric Burdon quit The Animals definitively in 1971 to pursue a solo career while still working with War. In 1976 and 1983 he rejoined The Animals and still plays with new revisions of the band eventually.

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