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Marquee Studio

marquee studio

Apart from other activities including The Marquee Club and their involvement into the organization of the National Jazz Festival, Marquee Promotions also included a professional recording studio. The studio was located at the back of The Marquee Club's premises at 10 Richmond Mews. Opened in 1966, Marquee Studio was run by Spencer Brooks, who still runs in Shepperton the company Marquee Audio Ltd. dedicated to professional audio systems.

Marquee Studio started offering 4 track recordings, which was hard to compete with the 8-track services from the Trident Studios, located just a few steps from The Marquee Club. On the other hand, Marquee Studio was mainly working for artists booked to The Marquee Artists management agency. Because of the studio's strategic location right at the back of the Marquee club, they were also very convenient for bands that would spend a few days in London and needed to play at the club and record on a studio in a row.

Some of the artists who used the studio services were Elton John, Marillion, Vangelis, The Clash, Daevid Allen, Elliot Murphy, the Penny Peeps, Ralph McTell and Graham Bonnet, to name a few.

Richard Dodd

Richard Dodd at the Marquee Studio

The Marquee Studio was directed by Simon G. White, the actual secretary of Marquee Audio Ltd. The studio had sitting at it's desk some of the most reputed producers and engineers in the history of modern music, including Phil Dunne, Richard Dodd, and the late Gus Dudgeon who won a reputation for his productions for Elton John.

In August 1967, the studio announced on The Marquee Club's monthly programme: "Marquee Studios are pleased to announce that the re-organisation of the Studios is complete and now able to offer multi-track stereo and mono recording facilities of the highest professional standards at highly competitive rates". During the late sixties, the studio facilities used to be advertised in the magazines in the weekly ads of the Marquee Club.

Steve Holroyd

Steve Holroyd of Marquee Audio

By 1973, Marquee Studio improved their services with a 16 track console and two new assistants entered the studio: Steve Holroyd, Phil Harding, and Bunny. Phil Harding (aged 16), started working at the studio as a Tape-Op and eventually as an engineer, working for artists such as The Clash, Toyah, Killing Joke, Dead Or Alive, and Matt Bianco. During the 80's Phil Harding earned a reputation as a specialist remixer and he later teamed up with Stock, Aitken, Waterman. He left The Marquee Studio in 1984 to be chief engineer at PWL Studios, later known as 'The Hit Factory'. During the rest of his career he formed a production and remix partnership with Ian Curnow and in 1992 they set up their own studio at The Strongroom Studio complex in London. He also became Chairman of the MPG (Music Producers Guild Ltd).

Glen Smith

Glen Smith of Marquee Audio

The Marquee Studio closed in 1988, coinciding with the demolition of the Marquee Club's venue and it's relocation to Charing Cross. That same year, Spencer Brooks started Marquee Audio Ltd. dedicated to professional audio systems, starting with a shop at Shepperton Film Studios. In 1995 Marquee Audio Ltd. signed an ongoing studio contract with Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), which was a major milestone for the company. During the following years Marquee Audio have prospered as a sales and distribution company, picking up several "Top Dealer" awards for companies such as Yamaha, Sennheiser and Trantec. Marquee Audio Ltd. has been involved into numerous major studio, live, dance and concert venue contracts, such as the Royal Festival Hall, and in 2000 they were awarded the coveted ISO:9001 certification, underlining their commitment to best practice.

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Personnel at Marquee Studio

  • Spencer Brooks (director)
  • Simon G. White (director)
  • Phil Dunne (engineer)
  • Richard Dodd (engineer)
  • Gus Dudgeon (engineer)
  • Phil Harding (engineer)
  • Tony Taverner (engineer)
  • Gery John Collins (engineer, manager, director)
  • Frankie Neilson (tape operator)

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