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John Cameron

John Cameron

"I always wanted to compose more than play, although while I was up in Cambridge I did a lot of jazz playing with guys like Ronnie Ross, Kathy Stobart, Danny Moss, Jimmy Skidmore and Dick Heckstall-Smith. This whole litany of great musicians used to come up and we were the 'town' rhythm section. Then there were players like Lionel Grigson, John Hart and Johnny Lynn and they were the 'university' rhythm section and tended to be a bit cerebral and played more like a Bill Evans-type rhythm section, whereas we used to play more like a Charles Mingus rhythm section. My drummer Colin Edwards was an electrician with the gas board and my bass player Mike Payne was a photographer, so we were the alternative. These two guys had been in Cambridge for years and it was through them I got to play alongside people like Ronnie Ross, who then became a firm friend. When I came down from Cambridge I sat in with his band at the Marquee Club and they became my central core of musicians that I used on sessions. I found that jazz musicians were a good compromise for working with people like Donovan because they were flexible, good readers and had good musical ears.".
Interview by 70s Kid