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Interview with Jim Walker of The Straps

Jim Walker

Drummer Jim Walker played at The Marquee Club during the late 70's with the punk bands The Pack and The Straps, before joining the renowned Public Image Ltd.

What is the first image that springs to your mind when you hear the words Marquee Club?

Top London music club of all time, maybe the top rock club in the history of the world along with LA's Whisky A Go Go.

Do you remember the very first time you ever visited the club?

Yes, October 1977. My first night out and I had to go to the place upon arriving in London. The band was called Salt, I think... it was a Tuesday night.

Can you remember the first time you ever played at The Marquee Club?

Yes, but it was unpleasant because I hated the band I was in at the time, The Pack. Later on managed to headline with a band called The Straps and had a great night (we packed the joint).

As a member of the audience at The Marquee Club, is there any band that you remember especially?

The Fall

Which was your most memorable night at The Marquee Club?

October, near the 13th 1978, when my band's debut single "Public Image" was getting played on a Sunday night. I knew this meant I had well and truly "arrived", ha ha ha ha.

Is there any particular anecdote from The Marquee that always makes you laugh?

One of the roadies for The Pack, Sean Sweeney, told me he saw someone looking at a piece of The Pack's equipment as if he was about to steal it, looking around to see if anyone was looking, the would-be thief glanced at Sean (a seriously tough dude) who just shook his head from across the room, and said "No" to the guy and scared the shit out of him.

What did you think when you heard about the demolishing of the original building at 90 Wardour street in the 90's?

It should have been made a national's insane to have done this.

If you had to define the effect that The Marquee Club had in your life or in your musical career, how would you put it into words?

It gave me an idea that London had a cool club (from reading about the Who), also when I played there and especially hearing my single over the tannoy made me feel good, also of course playing on the same stage that Hendrix, The Who, everyone had trod... nice to have walked the walk.

Interview by K. Barroso, December 2007.
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