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1965 - 5th National Jazz & Blues Festival

5th National Jazz & Blues Festival
Richmond Athletic Grounds, Surrey, UK
August 6-8th, 1965

By 1965, the festival had expanded it's boundaries of jazz and blues music to include folk and rock acts, and once more incorporating new music values from the last Marquee club's harvest, such as the Moody Blues, Spencer Davis, the Animals and the Who . These last ones got in trouble when they Roger Daltrey ran along the front stage kicking all of the lights in a row, causing the annoyance of the organizer's wife, Barbara Pendleton, who became sure to get the cost of the lamps deducted from the band's fee. Apparently John Lennon and George Harrison of the Beatles attended the festival and visited the backstage.

This was the last time that the festival was celebrated at Richmond, since, having grown from 27,000 in 64 to 33,000 people in 1965, the increase of the audience made the site too small for further events. Also the festival found some troubles with the local authorities because of the fans sleeping out in Richmond Park. Although the festival provided had provided a large marquee for campers in previous years, in 1965 the local council banned the placing of the tent, which resulted as a crowd of fans sleeping in the woods. To ad more fuel to the fire, the members from the Richmond Golf club pressured the Richmond Athletic Club to ban the festival the next year and the local paper described the audience as "people of all ages with a penchant for vagrancy and little use for all the conventional paraphernalia of beds, changes of clothing, soap, razors and so on".

The Yardbirds, the Who, the Mike Cotton Sound, the Moody Blues, Ronnie Scott, Dick Morrisey, Albert Mandelsdorff Quintet, Manfred Mann, Georgie Fame, Gary Farr & the T. Bones, Bruce Turner, Jump Band, Ronnie Jones & the Blue Jays, Graham Bond Organisation, Chris Barber, Kenny Ball, Dedicated Men Jug Band, Johnny Parker, Kid Martyn's Ragtime Band, Ottilie Patterson, Ken Colyer, The Animals, Spencer Davis, Jimmy James & the Vagabonds, Alex Welsh Band, Brian Auger's Trinity, Rod Stewart, Julie Driscoll, Long John Baldry


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