The Marquee Club - A tribute site dedicated to the history of the legendary Marquee club at London's 90 Wardour street.



I'm a visual artist from Madrid Spain living in Seattle who makes album covers and sleeve art.

Since an early age, I've been involved in art projects with bands and music artists, including album covers, stage design and music fanzines. It was especially my love for the band YES started a fascination for The Marquee Club and the early London Soho music scene.

During my time living in London in the late 90's, I realized about how lost the memory of the old Marquee Club was. No books, videos, nor documentaries... I was in shock. I understood that somebody needed to do something about it before many of the witnesses would go, so I decided to create this web site.

I'm happy to say that after the opening of this web site, some documentaries have been produced regarding the history of The Marquee Club, to which I was excited to collaborate.

_Koldo Barroso, the editor

Many thanks to:

  • My wife Naomi for her constant support, encouragement, and understanding.
  • Barbara Pendleton, for her attention.
  • Robert Wolf, for his help.
  • Alex Piva, for his constant encouragement, wonderful contribution, and for his illusion in this project.
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  • Jerry Bloom, for his contribution and support.
  • Keith Barry, for his contribution to complete the calendar of gigs.
  • Ed Jackson at and the Barber-Purser Archives, for their wonderful contribution to the Gallery.
  • Diz Minnitt, for his attention and kindness.
  • Thomas Spitzer from Marillion Setlists, for his help.
  • Justine Perriam and Uncut magazine, for their collaboration.
  • Michael Mitchell for his contribution to complete the calendar of gigs.
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  • Phil Bailey for for his contribution to complete the calendars of gigs and ticket stub scans.
  • Justin Colman for his attention.

I also want to thank to everyone who is submitting their memories and information to this project. This web site, from my point of view, is a small library and research center of the history of modern music which wouldn't be possible without your contributions.

Please note that this web site doesn't represent any of the people named above. E-mails requesting contact with any of these people won't be answered.

This web site neither represents the official Marquee club and it is just a personal tribute to the old Marquee club. If you want information or to keep in touch with the actual Marquee club or Marquee Promotions please visit their official web site. E-mails requesting contact or asking information about the actual Marquee club won't be answered.