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Cream - Biography


Gigs at the Marquee club: 7
Period of performances: 1966-1967
Formed in: London, 1966
Line-up members at the Marquee club:
Eric Clapton (guitar, vocals)
Jack Bruce (bass)
Ginger Baker (drums)

Considered as the first super-band in the history of rock music, Cream is one of the most significant bands ever which influenced the future generations of rock artists, despite of the short existence of the band. Along with Jimi Hendrix, Cream created some of the most classic rock riffs of the '60s and broke the confines of the standard rock music in a unit that would allow improvisational freedom.

Cream was formed originally in June 1966 as a rhythm and blues ensemble that featured guitarist and vocalist Eric Clapton from the Yardbirds, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Manfred Mann, bassist and vocalist Jack Bruce from the Bluesbreakers, Graham Bond Organisation and Manfred Mann, drummer Ginger Baker from Blues Incorporated and Graham Bond Organisation. The three of the had played extensively at the Marquee club before with their respective bands which all played a very important roll in the history of the club.

Cream had it's first appereance at the Marquee club on the 16th August 1966. Before this show, they had also headlined the 6th National Jazz and Blues Festival of 1967 celebrated at Windsor Racecourse and organized by the Marquee club and the National Jazz Federation. Cream played there, on the 31st of July, the second concert of their career.

Cream at the Marquee

Cream at the Marquee, August 1966

In December 1966 Cream released their debut album "Fresh Cream" which was mainly oriented towards blues and reached the British Top Ten early the next year. Their second Cream album "Disraeli Gears" was released in 1967 and featured all time classics such as "Sunshine of Your Love" and "Strange Brew".

The album was premiered at the Marquee club on the 23th of May 1967 and reached the number 5 in the US top charts making them one of the most prominent rock bands ever. This year the band also headlined the 7th National Jazz and Blues Festival of 1967, playing on the 13th of August.

After the release of the double album "Wheels of Fire", on November 26th 1968 Cream played their "farewell" concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall supported by Yes, which was released as the album "Goodbye" in 1969 also featuring also studio material. After Cream, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker joined forces with vocalist and keyboardist Steve Winwood of Traffic and bass player Rick Grech of Family to create the supergroup Blind Faith. Clapton later started a legendary solo career and collaborated with uncountable artists. and is considered today as one of the top guitarists in the world. In 1970 he formed the band Derek and the Dominoes to record the celebrated album "Layla and Other Love Songs". He has collaborated with uncountable artists, including the Beatles, John Lennon, Howlin' Wolf, Stevie Ray, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Stephen Stills.

During the late 70's Ginger Baker formed the bands Ginger Baker's Air Force, Baker Gurvitz Army and Ginger Baker's Energy. He was also member of Hawkwind (1980), Atomic Rooster (1980), Public Image Ltd (1986), and Masters of Reality (1990).

Jack Bruce started a long solo career and has collaborated with numerous musicians through the years, including John McLaughlin, Tony Williams, Carla Bley, Ringo Starr and Jon Anderson. Jack Bruce and ginger Baker joined again in 1994 for the project BBM. Sadly, Jack Bruce's son, the keyboardist of the ambient fusion band Afro Celts, died in 1997 of an asthma attack. In the summer of 2003 Jack Bruce was diagnosed with liver cancer and he underwent a liver transplant in September of 2003 which was initially rejected by his body. Bruce recovered and in May 2005 he reunited with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker for a series of Cream concerts at London's Royal Albert Hall.

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