The Marquee Club - A tribute site dedicated to the history of the legendary Marquee club at London's 90 Wardour street.

9-july-1971 Genesis

…club in June 1970 after they were discovered by Charisma label's chairman, Tony Stratton-Smith and had … The evening was presented as part of a series of Charisma Records nights at the club featuring different … · 3646 days ago

Tony Stratton-Smith

…known for being the creator and chairman of Charisma Label Records, one of the most influential … to the artists, Stratton-Smith decided to create Charisma Records in 1968, which was opened with Rare … Street, Soho Square and Old Compton Street. Charisma Records became the home of some of the most … stated himself in the sleeve notes of the "Charisma Disturbance" compilation album released in … Other distinctive artists that were released on Charisma Records throughout the years were Peter Gabriel, … · 3643 days ago

Van Der Graaf Generator - Vital

…Generator "Vital" Released in 1978 (Charisma Label Records). Recorded live at the Marquee … · 3646 days ago

Interview with Trevor Williams of Audience

…of Audience, one of the most reputed bands from Charisma Label at the time, which was supported at the … Williams remembers about The Marquee Club and Charisma Label. -What is the first image that springs to … it was simply that Genesis had only just joined Charisma Label and were in limbo. It's something we would … -Apart from Genesis, some other bands under the Charisma wing were Van Der Graaf Generator, Rare Bird, … the "Marquee Sunday Special Nights" organized by Charisma Label's Tony Stratton-Smith. What's your memory … · 3350 days ago

Colin Richardson (manager)

…as well. He later joined Tony Stratton-Smith's Charisma Label Records in 1972, where he worked to artists … Peter Hammill, and Patrick Moraz. After leaving Charisma Label in 1976, for a brief time Colin went back … · 3194 days ago

Interview - Ken Scott

…who would capture the audience with their charisma and so the choice was made to capture the … Yes. - Tony Stratton-Smith, the man behind Charisma Records, used to be one of the most regular … to see the record company during that period. - Charisma Records' producer, John Anthony, said in an … · 3588 days ago

14-june-1970 Genesis

…club in June 1970 after they were discovered by Charisma label's chairman, Tony Stratton-Smith and had … · 3646 days ago

19-july-1971 Fela

…1971 actually almost nobody knew about him. His charisma and grade of stardom developed much later. But as … · 3646 days ago

29-july-1976 Van Der Graaf Generator

…during the three nights, and the band's label, Charisma Records, published a congratulation ad at the … · 3645 days ago

19 July 1971 - Fela

…1971 actually almost nobody knew about him. His charisma and grade of stardom developed much later. But as … · 3652 days ago

Interview - Manager Colin Richardson

…various companies in agency/management, including Charisma Label Records (1972-1976). During the late 70's, … the jazz scene in the 60's, Tony Stratton-Smith's Charisma Label, and other curiosities from the world of … 1972, you went to work to Tony Stratton-Smith's Charisma Label. What do you remember about him? Strat was … a great guy to work for. He really did have Charisma! The comment I just made, about "anything good of … policy of his before. He was proud of the way Charisma worked, as were we all. Genesis and Lindisfarne … · 3193 days ago

Genesis - Biography

…month. In March 1970, the band was discovered by Charisma label's chairman, Tony Stratton-Smith and the … combination of elements as well as the mysterious charisma of Gabriel as a performer onstage turned the band … · 3647 days ago

24-january-1967 Jimi Hendrix Experience

…very unusual, very imposing. He had a lot of charisma on stage or when he just walked into the room - … · 3645 days ago

La Chasse Club

…of the influential independent record label Charisma Records. Stratton-Smith was a close friend of … · 3647 days ago

Trident Studios

…and Back" (1980). T ony Stratton-Smith's Charisma Records was also one of the most regular clients … · 3647 days ago

Neo Prog 82-83 by Ian Oakley

…However, their singer did have a lot of charisma. Solstice - They were our party and stoners band. … · 3498 days ago

Interview with Frankie Neilson from The Marquee Studio

…(The Who/Kinks) trying to produce a single and Charisma label manager Tony Stratton Smith (who was always … caught their act. I really like them, also on Charisma. The best gig was Terry Reid. Fantastic! It's all … · 3144 days ago

Yes - Biography

…out that they wouldn't. Flynn asked for help to Charisma label's chairman Tony Stratton-Smith, who … · 3647 days ago

Interview with Peter Banks of Yes

…Smith, who was running a record company called Charisma Label Records, they were looking for a new guitar … · 3361 days ago

AC/DC Biography

…popular rock bands in Australia, featuring the charismatic figures of the violent Bon Scott and Angus … · 3647 days ago

David Bowie - Biography

…January 8th, 1947, David Bowie is one of the most charismatic and innovative pop artists in the history of … · 3647 days ago

6 July 1969 King Crimson

…show These were some of the most powerful and charismatic gigs I have ever attended, particularly … · 3184 days ago