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22 October 1986 The Queerboys

DATE: Wednesday, 22th, October, 1986
LOCATION: 90 Wardour Street
MAIN ACT: The Queerboys
BAND MEMBERS: Spike (vocals), Guy Bailey (guitars), Chris Johnstone (bass), Ginger (guitars), Nick Connel (drums).

Memories on this night

"The Queerboys (later became The Quireboys) played the Marquee. I was there and have a recording from the gig. Went to the Marquee a lot and saw bands like The Quireboys, Cherry Bomb, Babysitters, Torme, Gun and Roses, Rogue Male (turned up for the original date for this gig and it had been changed for the Wham video - we were all dressed in metal gear - so they would not let us in - I thought that it would be cool to attempt to 'ruin' a Wham video!!!)."

Owain Richards, Colchester, UK, August 2006.

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