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20-july-1971 Rory Gallagher

DATE: Tuesday, 20th, July, 1971
LOCATION: 90 Wardour Street
MAIN ACT: Rory Gallagher
BAND MEMBERS : Rory Gallagher (guitar, vocals), Gerry McAvoy (bass), Wilgar Campbell (drums)

This was the first show at the Marquee by Rory Gallagher's solo project, after the disband of Taste in December 1970. This was not the first time that Rory Gallagher had played at the club since Taste played nothing more than 38 times between 1968 and 1970.

The supporting act announced for this evening was Cochise but it was replaced by Universe.

Memories on this evening

"I've seen Taste three times in Germany on several festivals before this memorable gig. Taste were very very popular in Germany because they were a great band. They played the most powerful and exciting blues-rock of their time. So this was my first Gallagher solo-gig with his new rhythm-section. The Marquee was packed and we had to be early to have a chance for a ticket. What a tight little trio. Gallagher is the working musician per excellance who always made his audience sweat heavily. And that's what he did that night. The crowd was screaming and jumping even pogoing, some guys played air-guitar and I joined them. This was better than sex ... at least longer. We loved him and were totally happy and exhausted after the show. I went to see him at the Crystal Palace Garden Party 11 days later. He was great but there's nothing like a Gallagher clubgig in those days".
Wilfried Lilie, Lohheide, Germany, 2006.

"Universe appeared as support for Rory Gallagher on the Tuesday 20th July 1971, not Cochise. It was a last minute booking as a replacement due to illness or something. We have also been under the impression for some years that the attendance record for the venue was set that night.".
Allan Armstrong of Universe, Lazonby, Cumbria, UK, 2007.

Photos on this evening

Universe at the Marquee Club

Photo scan courtesy of Allan Armstrong.

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