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10-december-1968 Led Zeppelin

DATE: Tuesday, 10th, December, 1968
LOCATION: 90 Wardour Street
MAIN ACT: Led Zeppelin
BAND MEMBERS: Robert Plant (vocals), Jimmy Page (guitar), John Paul Jones (bass), John bonham (drums)
SUPPORTING ACT: Bakerloo Blues Line

On the 10th of December, 1968 Led Zeppelin performed their first gig at the Marquee club under that name, since their first performance at the club was earlier in October that same year as the New Yardbirds. The ad also included the name of the New Yardbirds in smaller letters to let the audience know about the identity of the new supergroup.

Memorabilia on this night:
Melody Maker
Melody Maker ad
Memories on this night

"I was there. I remember that this was a most anticipated gig. The line to get into the Marquee was probably as long as I had ever seen it. The band had just released their firstalbum and the only guy who was really well known was Jimmy Page. The Band was just tremendous, so tight on their first major gig. The Marquee was packed to the rafters, such a tremendous atomoshpere in there. They were probably one of the greatest bands that ever played at the Marquee. I only saw them there once but it is a performance that I will never forget."

Dave Loader, San Jose, CA, USA, September 2006.

"I was at Led Zeppelin's first gig in London at The Marquee in 1968. I was a 16 year old major Cream fan, and grieving over their recent demise. I had read an article by music critic Tony Palmer in the Observer newspaper, praising Led Zeppelin, and describing them as "the new Cream". So I just had to go and see them!
No booking of tickets etc., just turned up and had to wait ages in a long queue which went all the way down Wardour St., and round into (I think) St. Annes Court. I joined the queue by a telephone box near "The Macabre Club". I can't remember how long it took to get in but of course it was well worth it.
I couldn't see very much over the heads of he crowd, but do in particular remember seeing the violin bow of Jimmy Page. And of course the volume! I think we all thought we were witnessing something a bit special, certainly very different.
Although not the expected "new Cream" my mates and I came out buzzing with excitement! I seem to recall that it was a bit later that the first album came out, and then we really realised what they could do. The rest as they say "is history". (This anecdote prompted by today's news of Zep playing at the O2 arena: 11/12/2007 Blimey that first gig was 39 years ago!."

Martin Alston, Chonburi, Thailand, December 2007.

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